Kempen Minggu ke-46,

tahun 2020

Kempen Minggu ke-46,

tahun 2020

1. Kempen Bonus Harian

Pastikan memenuhi syarat wajib:





Pastikan memenuhi syarat wajib:


Lembah Klang

& Melaka

(Rider Batch 6)

3. Bonus Hot Zones

Jika anda bekerja di "Hot Zones" seperti yang tertera di bawah, anda layak mendapat salah satu bonus sekiranya anda memenuhi syarat wajib yang tertera di bawah :


Hot Zones


The Design-Aire LP is the smallest model in our line of fan-filter units. The sleek design of the stainless steel housing is ideal for pharmaceutical applications requiring frequent wipe downs. This compact model, however, is no step down from our standard Design-Aire as it contains nearly all the same great features.

Key Features

Easy Installation: The 10.75” height and light-weight housing of these units make them easier to slide into ceilings. The 3-prong electrical cord allows them to be plugged into standard 115V outlets. HEPA Duration: The variable speed control helps increase HEPA filter life by allowing the motor speed to be increased as the loading on the filter increases. This keeps the airflow consistent and results in fewer filter changes. Energy Costs: Each unit only uses a maximum of 1.08 amps. Stainless Steel Housing: Durable stainless steel housing has a smooth finish for easy cleaning.

Optional Features

  • Ultra Low Penetration Air (ULPA) filter rated 99.9995% efficient at 0.12 microns
  • Room side replaceable HEPA filter
  • Room side replaceable ULPA filter
  • HVAC collar connections
  • Minihelic gauge, 0-1" w.g.
  • NEW: 230V export option is now RoHS compliant
  • Reverse direction airflow
  • EC motor