Kempen Minggu ke-43,

tahun 2020

Kempen Minggu ke-43,

tahun 2020

1. Kempen Bonus Order

1. Klik negeri anda

2. Perhatikan bonus anda 

Pastikan memenuhi syarat wajib:



Penang,  dan Sabah


Melaka, Kuching, Negeri Sembilan dan Kedah

Perlis, Kelantan, dan Pahang

2. Kempen Bonus Harian

Pastikan memenuhi syarat wajib:





Pastikan memenuhi syarat wajib:


Zon-Zon Panda Plus


Pastikan memenuhi syarat wajib:


Lembah Klang (Rider Batch 6)

5. Bonus Hot Zones

Jika anda bekerja di "Hot Zones" seperti yang tertera di bawah, anda layak mendapat salah satu bonus sekiranya anda memenuhi syarat wajib yang tertera di bawah :


Hot Zones

What is your nutrition philosophy?

We believe that the simplest approach is often the best one. BUT, don’t confuse simple with ineffective! We ask you to avoid refined foods and focus on eating a balanced diet of wholesome food from all food groups. Being truly healthy takes time, dedication and discipline. In our opinion, health is not just about looking a certain way, but it is a complete state of mental, physical and social wellbeing.

How does the food work during the Challenge?

At its most basic level, we ask you to follow a set of Do’s and Don’ts. The Do's and Don'ts is a comprehensive list that differentiates foods that are high in nutritional value from those that are not. We urge you to avoid refined sugar, alcohol, potato, wheat, fried and processed foods during the Challenge. To accompany the Do’s and Don’ts, we also provide a set of nutritional principles and guidelines, and over 50 healthy recipes to help you find a way of eating healthily that is unique to you and your body. Our coaches will also help ensure that your food remains on point and is well balanced. The whole aim of the program is not to be overly restrictive, but rather to help you kick start a way of clean eating that we hope will last long beyond the 21 days you spend with us.

Does the Challenge cater to vegetarians and vegans as well as non-vegetarians?

Yes, our Do’s and Don’ts will allow you to eat a healthy diet that also aligns with your preferences.

Will I be given a meal plan?

No. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition, so we do not provide meal plans as part of the Challenge because it is a group program and everyone has different needs. We do offer individualised nutrition guidance separately via our Online Fitness Plans.

Can I use a meal plan from my nutritionist?

Depending on what your nutritionist has sent, you should be able to stick to it throughout the Challenge as long as it fits within the Do’s and Don’ts that we set out. Should you wish for us to take a look at your current nutrition plan and advise to what extent it would work within the Challenge, please don't hesitate to send it across to

Will there be any cheat/treat days during the Challenge?

No, we’ll be eating clean for 21 days.

Can I eat regular home cooked food?

Absolutely, the simplest approach is often the best one. In terms of Indian food, we allow all beans/lentils and vegetables except potato, all millets (nachni, ragi, bajra etc), as well as jowar, oats and quinoa. A little ghee is also fine, as is curd and paneer. All meat except pork is allowed if you're non-vegetarian. So there's plenty to work with in terms of Indian staples.

Will I be given time to prepare my pantry?

Yes, as soon as you complete the sign-up process you will receive an email with everything you’ll need in order to plan ahead.