Kempen Minggu ke-25,
tahun 2021

Kempen Bonus Order

(Hujung Minggu)

1. Klik negeri anda

2. Perhatikan bonus anda 

Pastikan memenuhi syarat wajib:


Lembah Klang, Penang &


Perak, Sabah, Miri, Melaka, Kuching, Pahang & Negeri Sembilan

Kedah, Terengganu, Perlis & Kelantan

Bonus 'Special Hours'

*Hanya untuk zon


Bekerja di zon Sri Petaling & Mont Kiara dan dapatkan RM1 bonus ekstra untuk SETIAP order yang dilengkapkan pada masa yang ditetapkan

*sepanjang minggu*

Bonus Zon Kecil

Bekerja di zon-zon yang tertera di bawah dan dapatkan RM 4 ekstra untuk setiap jam yang anda bekerja di zon tersebut!

*Tiada syarat wajib*

Zon Kecil

How can i find more feedback about your service?

If you need more reability of the CSGO Services that we provide , please check our Social Media-s, or Real Customer Reviews.

Is boosting service safe?

Of course not! You can't get ban for using our boosting service, because we are 100% safe and don’t use cheats or any other third-party software.

How long will my boost take?

All of our boosts take fast as possible, so when you order your boost. It will almost every time start within ~1hour and up to 8-10 wins in a single day.

I don't like the price, can i get a discount?

If you are planing to buy 3 or more Ranks / Levels - we will provide you -10% (or more) Discount Code for your order.

Do you boost in other regions except Europe?

Yes we do boost in any Region. We have both Europe and North America boosters, mainly for Duos . For Asia & Australia we can either provide you Solo (Account Sharing) boost or you can play with our European Booster in lobby, but you will have 100+ ping.

How many boosters will be playing in lobby?

For higher Ranks or Levels we usually arrange 2 boosters in the lobby, just so we can secure win rate. Minimum experience of booster is : Global Elite , 2700+ Faceit Elo and ESEA Rank G . All our players are working under contract and they exhibited their trust in our tests before we hired them.

I've made order. When does it start?

All of our orders start within 1 hour or soon as one of our boosters accept it. We will message you and discuss about schedule as soon as you make your order.

Bonus Hot Zones

Jika anda bekerja di "Hot Zones" seperti yang tertera di bawah, anda layak mendapat salah satu bonus sekiranya anda memenuhi syarat wajib yang tertera di bawah :


Hot Zones

Klang Valley

Batu Arang Halal Genting Highlands Walker Non-Halal Genting Highlands Walker Halal

Negeri Sembilan

Gemencheh Non-Halal Gemencheh Halal Lukut Non-Halal Lukut Halal Rantau Non-Halal Rantau Halal


Bukit Pasir Bukit Pasir Halal Endau Halal


Kuala Ketil Non-Halal Sintok Non-Halal Sintok Halal Yan Non-Halal Yan Halal


Bidor Halal Pangkor Island Non-Halal Pangkor Island Halal Pengkalan Hulu Non-Halal Pengkalan Hulu Halal Sungkai Non-Halal Sungkai Halal


Balik Pulau Halal Butterworth 2 Halal


Alor Gajah North Non-Halal Alor Gajah North Halal Alor Gajah South Non-Halal Alor Gajah South Halal Durian Tunggal Halal Sungai Udang Halal


Ajil Ajil Halal Kemasik halal Permaisuri Permaisuri Halal


KKIP Halal


Maran Non Halal Maran Halal


Saratok Non Halal Saratok Halal


Bachok Non Halal Bachok Halal Kadok Halal Machang Halal Tumpat Non Halal Tumpat Halal


Morsjaya halal